OHPA History

The 1930s were a pivotal time in the health of children. Sulfa antibiotics were in limited use and other antibiotics had yet to be invented. Many childhood illnesses- measles, mumps, diphtheria, whooping cough, and polio- were common and had devastating effects on the health of children. It was in this challenging time that Dr. James C. Overall opened his pediatric practice. As a solo-physician practitioner, he established a tradition of excellence in pediatric patient care that continues more than 70 years later.

In response to the pressures of his successful practice, in the late 1930's, Dr. Joe M. Strayhorn joined Dr. Overall in partnership that lasted 35 years. Originally located in the Bennie Dillon Building downtown, the practice relocated to 1924 Church St. and finally settled in its current home at 5819 Old Harding Rd. In 1974. Growing demand for the excellence in pediatric care led to the establishment of a Bellevue clinic office at 7640 Hwy. 70 South in 1987.

Since the days when Dr. Strayhorn and Dr. Overall got their start, new medical developments have improved the lives of children. Routine immunizations prevent many childhood illnesses. Enhanced diagnostic techniques make early diagnosis of illnesses faster and more accurate.

In this environment of expanding care, Old Harding Pediatric Associates has added new physicians. These physicians share Dr. Overall's original vision for quality, state-of-the-art pediatric care that consistently seeks new opportunities to improve the health of children.

As university hospital-trained, board certified pediatricians, physicians of Old Harding Pediatric Associates stay abreast of new research trends, and emerging clinical developments through continuing medical education. Many members of the practice have faculty appointments to Vanderbilt Medical School. This allows them to play a active role in the education of the next generation of pediatricians while concurrently bringing to their fellow physicians at Old Harding Pediatric Associates immediate access to recent medical trends in the treatment of children and adolescents.

OHPA was also an early adopter of an electronic medical record. Our current state-of-the-art system includes our popular patient portal, where you can request appointments and ask questions of our licensed nurses, all of which are logged straight to the patient’s chart for better continuity of care.

Finally, our physicians believe in the patient medical home, and we encourage our families to come to us for all of your children’s needs, including complete well-child checks, vaccinations, behavioral or school issues, cholesterol or obesity concerns, ear pain or teething. Whether it’s for wellness or concern, your OHPA Pediatrician is here for you.