Patient FilesNotice of Privacy Practices

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Financial Policy

One of the by-products of today's rapidly changing health care environment is the increasingly active role insurance carriers play in the delivery of patient care. Some managed care companies place restrictions on the medications we can prescribe for your child, to whom referrals can be made, the types and frequency of care we can provide and even the hospitals to which your child can be admitted.

Old Harding Pediatric Associates works closely with both patients, families, and insurance carriers to ensure that quality care is delivered in a cost -effective manner. As the recipient of both this coverage and our care, you play an important role in assisting us in providing you with care that fits within those guidelines.

The Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

You can help us work cooperatively and efficiently with your insurance carrier by notifying us immediately if your coverage or insurance changes. You also are responsible for telling us before care or services are ordered about specific laboratories and other service providers which your insurance requires you to use in order to qualify for benefits. When in doubt, contact your insurers customer service representative for clarification.

Doctor's Office Professional with A ComputerInsurance Carriers

Old Harding Pediatric Associates is under contract to a wide range of insurance companies. This list changes frequently, so check to be sure our physicians are on your list. You are responsible for notifying us immediately regarding changes in your coverage.

Tests and Laboratories

Some diagnostic tests can be performed in the lab at our office. Your insurance may designate specific laboratories or facilities to which you must be referred in order to receive full coverage for these tests and procedures. You will be billed separately for tests and service provided by an outside facility.

It is your responsibility to know which facilities are covered by your plan and to communicate this to your child's doctor and nurses. If you are unsure, contact your insurer's customer service representative for clarification.


Payment for care is due at time services are rendered. If Old Harding Pediatrics Associated has a contract with your insurer, we will submit the claim to your insurance.

You are expected to make a co-payment or deductible payment at the time of service. You may receive a bill from us reflecting any outstanding balance after the insurance has cleared. To remain in good standing with our Business Office, this bill should be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

If we are not under contract with your insurance company, you must pay the bill in full when services are rendered; we will provide you with the usual and customary documentation so you can file for benefits.

To Discuss a Bill

Please call 352-2995 to reach our Business Office staff. They can help you with billing questions and other business matters. Business office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Mother at the doctor's officeRight to Privacy

Old Harding Pediatric Associates takes your child's legal right to privacy seriously. We will discuss your child's health, medical history, and financial record only with the legal guardian. In keeping with Tennessee law, information will not be released to other family members or others who may ask for documentation or inquire about your child's medical status or history of care.

If your are a child's legal guardian or parent and call our office to inquire about the patient's record, you may be asked specific questions to confirm your status and identity. Please understand this is done to protect the child's right to privacy.

Should you wish to authorized release of this information to other parties, please contact our Business Office about obtaining and processing the necessary release form.

Copies of Medical Records

Old Harding Pediatric Associates will provide copies of your child's medical records to other individuals only after you have signed a form agreeing to their release. There is a fee for each set of duplicates. This fee must be paid before the duplicate file is created. Please allow seven working days to process this request.